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Bespoke Design

Most clients start a WebVilla website using one of our standard "off the shelf" designs. These provide a low cost way but smart and professional way to put your property on the web. very often this is all that you need, after all the property itself should be the feature not the design. Having said that many clients prefer a more individual look, perhaps to complement an existing logo or branding. We are able to meet this requirement too via our bespoke design service.

What are the options?

We offer three levels of customisation to help you achieve a more individual look to your website:

  1. Self customisation of a standard design
  2. Designer customisation of a standard design
  3. Bespoke customisation

The charges for customisation vary according to the time required from one of our designers. As option 1 above requires no additional design support, there is no additional charge for this. Our customer support team will provide guidance as part of your normal service.

Self Customisation

All of our off the shelf designs include the option to change the design colour scheme to varying degrees, and we have a range we call colourMAX which have very substantial colour customisation options. All of these changes are very easy to apply via our colour scheme editor. In addition to this, many of our designs allow you to substitute a standard graphic or photo built into the template of the design for an image of your own. All you need to do is resize the image to fit the space, and our support team will provide the information you need and point you to some simple web based resizing tools that let you do this yourself.

Designer Assisted Customisation

This option is similar to self customisation, however you may prefer to pay a design for an hour or two of their time to help you resize images, match colours appropriately and perhaps merge or crop some photos or logos to show them at their best.

Bespoke Design

Bespoke design is our option which provides maximum flexibility, as the designer effectively starts with a "blank piece of paper" and creates the design to your requirements. The great advantage of creating a bespoke design with WebVilla though, as compared to a high street designer is that once the design is completed it still has all the self updating facilities, and search engine optimisation functionality that our standard designs do. In order to ensure this is the case, we work with a range of independent designers who must undergo a rigorous training programme in our system before they are approved to work on client designs. Even after training we run a quality assurance programme to keep up standards.

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