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Frequently Asked Questions

Does your website price include a domain name?
All customers receive a type of website address known as a subdomain, which looks like www.yourbusiness.webvilla.net. We can also register and manage your own domain name (in the form www.yourbusiness.com) for a small additional fee. Please see prices for full details

How many pages do you provide?
Our basic package includes 5 pages, which allows space for up to 100 pictures with descriptions. Our premium package includes up to 15 pages. Please enquire if you need more than this, as our service is constantly improving, and if people ask for it we do our utmost to deliver.

You say you can update the site yourself. What does this include?
The updating facility is one of our real strengths. We have looked at the competition and can find no-one offering the speed and ease of use we provide. From your own administration page you can do any of the following in less than 60 seconds.

  • Alter text on any page
  • Add or change a photograph on any page
  • Link your website to others: accommodation, local area information etc
  • Add a new page to your website
  • Change the text size, text style or even change the entire web design

How much input do I have into design?
We have different options for design. Most clients start on a budget, with one of our "off the shelf" designs, which you can choose and then customise with your own logo and colour scheme. Click here for examples Once you are reassured of the results we can produce for you, you may wish to upgrade to a bespoke design, such as www.carpfishinginfrance.net

Can you help with the content of my website?
Yes we can, in fact it is part of our service. We are a small team and we each have our areas of strength covering graphic design, website programming and modern marketing techniques.

Do you only do websites for holiday property websites?
WebVilla does specialise in websites for holiday properties, although the underlying technology we use is suitable for a variety of other sectors. The reason we need to specialise is primarily related to our search engine optimisation activities which are much more effective through maintaining a focus in this area. We do however have a parent business PHD Interactive Ltd, which has a broader scope and has created websites for a variety of different sectors. For more information see our page on other sectors.

Can I transfer my website to you to get better placed on search engines?
Yes you can, in fact many clients switch to us from other website providers for exactly that reason. Please be aware that to gain the benefits of our service, you may need the assistance of one of our designers to reconstruct your website on our system, as it can't be copied as a whole. This is needed to embed our search engine product, searchMAX, within your website and enable the website to be easily updated online by you.

Not everyone needs design assistance, as it depends on the complexity of your existing website. If it is currently fairly basic, you may find it very easy just to start with one of our "off the shelf" designs and copy/paste your wording into it yourself for no extra charge. We don't want you to pay more than you need, so we always recommend you start with a free trial to find out for yourself if this is an option first.

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